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Interested in straight teeth? Who isn’t? Luckily, new tooth aligner systems can help people of all ages get the straight teeth they desire.

Sometimes, young people and adults have dental issues that require teeth realignment and straightening. Orthodontics is the dental specialty that treats misalignments—often through appliances and braces. Today’s braces are sophisticated and technologically advanced. They include fixed metal or ceramic braces that train the teeth to align properly, removable appliances such as retainers, bite and face masks to correct underbite, and Invisalign removable dental aligners.

Orthodontics for Children

The majority of patients undergoing orthodontic care are children and teens. When kids are young, their jaws are constantly growing to accommodate new teeth. It is during this time that the teeth are easily moved, allowing for a shorter treatment time – especially in patients who undergo early treatment. Braces, retainers, and spacers are just some of the orthodontic appliances commonly used in children’s orthodontics.

Orthodontics for Adults

There is no such thing as being too old for orthodontic treatment. More adults than ever are seeking straighter teeth – perhaps due to advancements in modern dentistry that allow for more discreet and less invasive orthodontic treatments. And braces aren’t becoming popular for cosmetic reasons alone. Rather, many adults are realizing the long-term oral health benefits associated with having straighter teeth.


Invisalign is a new and more comfortable way to achieve a beautiful smile. This orthodontic treatment has become easier, more comfortable and accepted by more and more adults seeking a straighter smile.
Upon an initial consultation, we decide if Invisalign is right for you. We then formulate a treatment plan, make an impression of your teeth and using the latest technology, Invisalign is made to fit snuggly over teeth and gently move them through every stage of your treatment plan. Clear aligner trays are worn at all times with the exception of during meals and when brushing or flossing. The trays are custom fitted to the teeth, making them virtually unnoticeable when laughing and talking with other people. Patients receive a sequence of trays, each of which is slightly different than the one before. The aligners provide a slight resistance to the teeth, forcing them to move into alignment over time. With Invisalign, adults and teens can achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted without feeling self-conscious about the mode of treatment.

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